indian it, forget h1-b, to survive embrace these corrections

indian it is in alarming condition and timely correction is the only way out to save this sector that employs substantial number of youth, aids indian exports.

h1-b visas tweaking shouldn’t have created this brouhaha, had our companies embraced some much needed changes timely. with cheap labour available and repetitive tasks delivered to onshore business providers, you overlooked fundamentals, the deteriorating condition, plummeting profits and sinking job growth is an evidence.

here is the way-out. this may not be exhaustive, however, you need to make these corrections, today or tomorrow, else the golden sector will soon lose all sheen.

first, collaborate with technical education institutions that are producing nothing more but service sector ‘labourers’. inject in their syllabi the present and projected demands of global industry.

second, start innovating. stop providing solutions for same issues that won’t now survive for too long. conventional development, programming are being overshadowed at quick pace, learn and adapt to this change.

third and most importantly, blunt, regressive this may sound, cut on salaries and perks of top and mid management levels for it is their indifference and inaction that has created an atmosphere of dreadful conditions.

four, competition is immense and india isn’t the only country with cheap and abundant labour. to cope up with new outsourcers embrace quality in operations, sensitise upper echelons and managers to focus more on value than on numbers.

five, go on an aggressive acquisition of small business by setting up a dedicated department to assess these opportunities. but handhold only those businesses that can add value, rather than those that will simply burn your cash reserves.

there are more corrections and you have all means to ponder upon them, start today.