make indian roads nonthreatening, 5 crucial do’s

numbers reflecting fatalities and incapacitation, owing their occurrence to indian roads, are alarming. they are presented in the parliament, deliberated, any paradigm shift in road infrastructure and safety element, however, takes a backseat, for not many people can be polarized on this issue, political will thus remains lacking.

here are five proposals that can yield outcomes, progressive and unrelenting.

first, and in the backdrop that public spending on infrastructure is the talk of the town, building public dispensaries at every rationally determined kilometers of state and national highways will serve health as well as response to accidental injuries demand simultaneously. they be accorded status of infrastructure and be part of mou signed with the builder.

second, and this in backdrop of rising fossil fuel consumption and shift of sentiments towards renewable energy, centre is to devise a model law for states incorporating need of electric scooters corridor in all district and state road projects.

third, while mgnrega and rail projects are constructively using space technology in determining actual work accomplished, road projects be monitored using satellites and any damages to roads, which further accidents, be triggered to builder and worked upon at the earliest. sub-standard roads be recognized and builders brought to book.

four, heavy vehicles are the main culprits in most road accidents, they be contained in number by moving freight from roads to railways. sops be announced for those shifting from roads to railways or inland waterways, which can subsequently be withdrawn once economies of scale and sustainability are realized.

last, over-speeding vehicles not be allowed to escape penalties for our vigilance infrastructure is weak; frame rules for automobile makers for inclusion of a device in all passenger vehicles to track over-speed and collaborate with state technology apparatus in sending penalty tickets automatically to defaulter.