enough is enough, stop the bloodbath

it’s clear in the supreme law of the land, the constitution; we are here to protect minorities, depressed and the vulnerable, all freedoms, rights are a common lot, privilege does not exist for any individual, group and can never find its way in the social fabric through political propaganda. why then religious minority in the country is being mobbed, lynched with such impunity?

inside their homes, on trains and in streets, amidst full public view, muslims are being taunted, assaulted, tortured, murdered, and there seems no honest endeavor by the protectors, our legislators and law enforcement agencies, to place a lid on these catastrophic events.

there is no uncertainty that india is better placed on many parameters, the poor is being allocated cooking gas connections and legislations are being passed for overhaul of the economy. but can all this overshadow recurrent bitter incidents of minority religion being targeted by vigilantes and ultra-nationalists?

it is quite clear that the ruling political party will sweep the polls due in 2019 with a clear majority for 5 years. but it that it? is the modi-led, modi-dependent bjp eying only electoral wins? the question is how much sustainable these wins, these reforms are?

the present state of affairs in the country, world’s largest democracy and explicitly-declared secular state, indicates toward a tomorrow that will see all economic reforms by the modi government crushed under the harsh feet of religious intolerance and insecurity among minority faiths. this isn’t a micro/ trivial aspect, for only religious harmony, not ultra-nationalism as was in pakistan, fueled the post-independence success of india.

every lynching incident is taking the country closer to a greater, all-encompassing, wide-ranging, cutting across landscapes disaster, a return from where toward peace and prosperity will be near-impossible, at least in the short-term.

the government and law enforcement agencies need to act, for if they don’t, india may be heading toward anything, virtually anything, a civil war, a military coup, secessions or bifurcations. nationalism, as was advocated during the initial modi-government days may be acceptable, the contours now have been so widened that a non-hindu has become nothing but a traitor, a conspirator.

the trend is worrying, ruinous. for pm modi to ensure that his stint as the supreme leader of the country is cheered not regretted, mourned, this wave of ultra-nationalism and branding of non-hindus as traitors has to end, today.

every assault by a vigilante on a non-hindu adds a cup of blood more to the enclosure safeguarding india within, let not the level reach the nose, death will be inevitable.